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Voices in the Whir

Voices in the Whir (2020) is a conversation between sounds across the human-machine spectrum. Is there beauty to be found in the cold, calculater process of MIDI playback? Is thee a meaningful interface between human performers and their mechanical counterparts? What are the opportunities presented by an acoustic instrument which can be controlled by a computer? Voice in the Whir explores the range of possibilities created by the disklavier (a real acoustic piano with moros in the keys, allowing it to be controlled digitally, like a player-piano) and its combination with a string quartet and electronics.

Disklavier, String Quartet, and Electronics

Recipient of the 2021 Ann H. Atkinson Prize; premiered by the Odin Quartet for the University of Toronto New Music Festival 2021



Overgrowth (2018): There is a garden, full of weeds. They grow wild and uncontrolled, having covered almost the entire area of the garden.

A singe rose is budding amongst the weeds, struggling to reach for the sun. It tries to breath through the weight of the burdensome weeds. Will it flower, or be suffocated under the overgrowth?

Fl., Cl., Pno., Vln., Vc.

Premiered in 2019 by the Atlantic Music Festival Contemporary Ensemble


Conjunctio (2019): is a composition about the natural beauty of the elements that make up our world. Both on their own, and in combination with each other, these elements are the basis of everything we experience. 

A string orchestra is an ecosystem within itself, made up of different elements which can work on their own or come together to create a living, breathing organism. Like any ecosystem, each element has its distinct qualities, and has an important part to play in the whole. In this piece, the cellos and basses play the part of the earth, violas the part of water, second violins wind, and first violins fire. Earth is first, providing a steady groove to the piece. Wind comes in next, injecting some energy. Water comes flowing in next, with a long and arching tune. Fire comes last, leading to the final section in which all the elements come together.

String Orchestra

Commissioned by the Whispering River Orchestra


On Wings of Fire

On Wings of Fire (2018)

String Orchestra, Solo Alto, Solo Clarinet in Bb

Commissioned by the Whispering River Orchestra



Septet (2016)

Fl., Cl., Bs., Pno., Vln., Vla., Vc.

Premiered at Wilfrid Laurier University Student Composer Concert


I Hear the Scent of Change and Stillness

I Hear the Scent of Change and Stillness is an experimental electronic EP supported by the Toronto Arts Council featuring playing by the Odin Quartet, Lazar Miric, Paul Lessard, and Wolfgang Gray. The work is a contemplation on storm and calm and an exploration of 

Live Electronics, Piano, and Saxophone

Supported by the Toronto Arts Council; premiered by Sergei Kofman & Lazar Miric at ArraySpace in 2023


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